On Brains and Urbanism

Andres Burbano

By invitation of the adjunct curator of the 2nd Architectural Biennial of Beijing, I wrote a text with some reflections on the intersection between urbanism and brain structure - based on "ways of neuron project"* interviews. "Ways of neuron project" can be seen as a project of net.art and also as a scientific online documentary.

The central idea of the paper is to present an intuitive approach for an interaction between some concepts from Neurosciences and the current discussion on the nature of cities. The original concepts come from interviews that the author made in Europe with experts on that field of Sciences in 2003/2004.

Here a fragment: "In other words, the most important aspect of the brain is not its structure, but what it produces: the mind, the consciousness. So there is an important lesson here to be learned, the most important thing of a city is not its divisions, its buildings, its neighborhoods or its traffic, the most important and mysterious thing of a city is what it produces. It is not easy to find a word, but I guess what a city produces is an Ecology, to put it in a more accurate way, what the interaction of structures and processes in a city generates is an Artificial Ecology."

One useful thing about this paper is that it has already been translated into Chinese. You can see that in the images that I will include. The text was already published in BAB2006 - Architectural Biennial Beijing catalogue.

*More information on "ways of neuron project" can be found in the book "Performative Sciences" by PhD Hans Diebner. In that book is a chapter dedicated to "ways of neuron project". The "Performative Sciences" book was published by Springer in 2006.

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