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Mediatopia: {mashup, remix, transmit}

28 - 29 Jul

National Museum of Singapore,
Gallery Theatre

Mediatopia: {mashup, remix, transmit}
24 Hour Performance

Performance starts on 28 July at 10am and ends on 29 July at 10am
Presentation on 28 July at 12:30pm to 1:30pm
National Museum of Singapore, Gallery Theatre
Free admission

Carlos Rosas, Pennsylvania State University, [email protected]
Leanna Rosas, Pennsylvania State University, [email protected]
Robert Dansby, California Institute of the Arts, [email protected]

 The Mediatopia Project and related events will reflect upon the ISEA 2008 Border Transmissions Theme and will exploit the potential of networks, communication tools, alternate economies and experiential technologies as a collaborative engine to enable the emergence of a different conception of borders, and of the transmissions that problematize these demarcations. It also seeks to expand the models of production and distribution that have arisen as social networks, hardware, generative software components, small-scale download practices and peer-to-peer protocols have changed the nature of not only how material is made but distributed.

Mediatopia will act as an incubator and working model for experimentation, inquiry, and cross-cultural collaboration within the framework of these overarching themes.

 Mediatopia seeks to expand upon the concepts of production and distribution as participants contribute discrete media from a variety of readily available sources, recognizing advances in technology, software and social networking strategies that have arisen in recent years. The Mediatopia project will be able to function as an international mashup/remix of broadcast media and simultaneously as a database and interface of freely accessible sound/video materials that transcends time, location, cultural and geographical borders without emphasis on market driven outcome. The Mediatopia Project and scheduled events at ISEA 2008 will function as the primary event host while numerous satellite nodes worldwide will serve to further expand and engage the participating individuals in creative collaborations and cross cultural exchanges.

 The Mediatopia Project and related international events will be accessible online and live throughout ISEA Singapore 2008 and culminate in a 24 hour live remix performances in the Gallery Theatre at the National Museum of Singapore.

 To view, participate and/or contribute to the project or to see a complete list of participating artists and scheduled events both onsite and at remote nodes, please visit the project website at:


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