ISEA2008 Juried Exhibition

The Water Book (An Encyclopedia of Water)

Clea T. Waite (USA / Germany)
Collaborating with: Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (SDWA)

Water is an elemental force of life and destruction; it's also a key component in the environmental transformation that the planet is now experiencing. It is the most powerful symbol of flow, purity and survival, and plays essential roles in our daily life as well as global geopolitics. The artwork is an interactive film installation which takes water as its subject matter, as well as its substance and the interface by which users experience the artwork. Visitors to the gallery can touch and activate the ‘water touch pad’ onto which words are projected; their movements and choices will call up a wide range of images, texts and moving images that relate to the theme of water. These will be generated and edited dynamically in real-time, producing an unpredictable, unique experience for every user.

Clea T. Waite (USA/Germany) a research-artist whose computer animation, stereoscopic, multi-channel video-installation, hemispherical digital-film, and a collaboration with several hundred tropical spiders examine the meta-meanings found in unlikely correspondences between science and myth.

The artist would like to thank Prof. Vladan Babovic and all the researchers and staff at SDWA. Contributors: Alfred Banze; Angelika von Chamier; Serene Tay; Nigel Helyer; Daniel Leithinger; Micheal Rohan; Georg Tremmel; and Klaas-Peter Visser.

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