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Immersion (2007)

Angela Barnett, Andrew Buchanan, Darren Ballingall, Chris MacKellar & Christian Rubino

An Experimenta New Visions Commission

Interactive video projection

An underwater scene projected onto the floor invites us to step into the ocean and interact with vibrant animated sea creatures. With Immersion, images projected from above offer an interactive 3D real time experience where we can make contact with and provoke responses from a range of animated creatures from the deep. The movement of our shadows causes schools of fish to scatter and individual sea creatures to transform in shape and colour. Magically responding to shadows, electric eels generate lightning bolts, jellyfishes light up and puffer fishes expand. Virtual contact also produces an underwater symphony as each sea creature is distinguished by a specific sound. Immersion offers an imaginary experience of descent to three levels of the sea, incorporating a shallow rock pool, an underwater cave and the dark depths of the ocean. As we descend towards the ocean, creatures become increasingly vibrant and captivating.

The Immersion team live and work in and around Melbourne. They all studied together at the Centre for Animation and Interactive Media (AIM) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2005. Immersion premiered at Experimenta Playground: International Biennial of Media Arts in Melbourne, August 2007 and is the team’s first collaborative artwork.

Angela Barnett is a multimedia artist and film-maker.
Andrew Buchanan is a 3D animator, artist and film-maker.
Christian Rubino is a 3D animator, game developer and digital artist.
Darren Ballingall is an animator and interactive media artist.
Chris MacKellar is a sound artist, composer and audio engineer.

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