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ZiZi the Afffectionate Couch (2003)

Stephen Barrass, Linda Davy, Robert Davy & Kerry Richens

Interactive Sculpture

An invention inspired in equal parts by a shaved poodle, a fluffy Persian cat, and an exotic alien sea slug, ZiZi growls when ignored, purrs when sat on and emits soft groans of delight if you stroke her long fur. If left alone, ZiZi mews for attention. ZiZi is an affectionate ottoman couch that asks for emotional support while offering physical comfort. Her responses are triggered by touch-sensitive cables, which are sewn into the fluffy upholstery of the couch.

Twenty121 is a creative cooperative that combines individual practices in furniture making, sonification, fashion design, electronics, ceramics, programming, photography, carpentry, multimedia, and perceptual psychology to produce interactive artworks. Their works include ZiZi the Afffectionate Couch, Scruffy Scallyrag and Fauxy the Fake Fur with Feelings and have been curated and exhibited in Experimenta House of Tomorrow Australian National Tour 2004; Media City Seoul Biennale 2005; Experimenta Under the Radar at FACT in Liverpool and the ICA in London 2006; WearNow Symposium at the National Museum of Australia 2007; and Who Let the Dogs Out: the Dog in Contemporary Australian Art, 2008.

Credits for ZiZi the Afffectionate Couch
Sound: Stephen Barrass
Furniture: Linda Davy
Electronics: Kerry Richens
Carpentry: Robert Davy

ZiZi the Afffectionate Couch premiered at Experimenta House of Tomorrow: International Biennial of Media Arts, 2003.
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