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Airport Transit Condition

Monika Codourey (Switzerland / Poland / Canada)

Airports can be understood as compressors of space and time, they act as a conduit from one physical location in the world to another. But at the same time the extraterritorial zones of airports become an important threshold controlling the flow of people in a free market economy. This space in-between is in fact an abstract space created by a bureaucratic system of inclusion and exclusion within trans-nation states rather than a transition space. Transit zones at airports emerge because of a complex set of factors: border crossing as well as today’s security and safety regulations. The innumerable thresholds to the transit zones are points of congestion that are governed by an imperfect system of identification. Different mobility patterns of varying relevance circulate in the airport’s structure, and they are distributed within airport architecture according to the typology of various levels of comfort and aesthetics.


Monika Codourey
is an architect and artist-researcher focused on creative, critical and active use of information and communication technology. She looks for ways of practising architecture beyond pure design of form.

In particular the focus of her work are relations between changing spacio-temporal structures of contemporary city and electronic networks. These relations she understands and investigates as hybrid action, intervention and possible places for socio-cultural production of information society. Her recent interest is transformation of socio-spacial mobilities. She creates research-based works around spaces of `kinetic` subjects of different national and social status.  Currently, she is awarded Artists-in-Labs Residency and is collaborating with a group of researchers from Human Computer Interaction, Institute for Psychology, University Of Basel on her project Constant Travellers.

She received her degree in architecture from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She pursued her postgraduate studies in the field of Information Architecture at Dept. of Architecture, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and participated in VI Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau / Germany.

She has a wide range of work experience and has lectured in the field of Urban Media  and Information Spaces at the Faculty of New Media, Zurich University of Arts.  Currently she is PhD researcher at the Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium / University of Plymouth, Great Britain.

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