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untitled sound objects

Pe Lang + Zimoun

In early 2004, Pe Lang and Zimoun began their collaboration untitled sound objects, a project in which physical materials are made to generate sound by vibrating them using computer controlled machines and robots. the artists focus on creating acoustic architecture with an organic feel, investigating the properties of sound, materials, resonance and generative systems. The work is presented as sound installations and as live performances.

"We are interested in a selective mix between, on the one hand, living structures that are continuously generated or evolving by chance and chain reactions, and, on the other, a specifically delimited and contained space in which these events are allowed to happen. Our compositional intentions are manifested through deliberate containment and cautious monitoring. Thus, we are not preoccupying ourselves with chance factors and generative systems simply to discover unexpected results, but rather so that the compositions can attain a higher level of vitality."

Even though this work is technically complex and intricate (involving custom interfaces and software programming), the artists never seek to create a merely technical spectacle. "Our intent is to create simplicity and immediacy in our work, which may be appreciated without understanding the technical background. We believe that technology is merely a tool for converting and realizing our ideas, rather than being the basis for them." Pe Lang and Zimoun create works through reduction and simplicity to attain a minimalist aesthetic. This aesthetic reaches the public in a direct and immediate way so as to stimulate visitors into making their own discoveries through the works.

"The untitled sound objects by Pe Lang and Zimoun convince through their elegant and clever simplicity in an inconspicuously complex setting." Stephen Braun

The Performance

Vibrating motors cause glass plates, on which various materials are placed, to oscillate. The vibrations move the materials, and the friction caused by this generates sounds, which are amplified via contact microphones and modified through DSP (digital signal processing). Using a multiple channel speaker system, amplified sounds are projected and reassembled into a new sound architectures. The glass plates are equipped with cameras which project images of the vibrating materials live through several projectors. The software used to control the vibrating motors and sound processes is programmed with MaxMSP.


Pe Lang (born 1974, Switzerland) and Zimoun (born 1977, Switzerland) are autodidacts and working together since 2004. Pe lang and Zimoun's work have won several prices and awards, such as the CSEM Artists-in-Labor Residency (BAK: 9 month stipend 2007 at the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology CSEM), the New York artist in residence projects of the Swiss Culture Department (2007), the Swiss Art Award in Basel (2006) or the award of the Bundesamt für Kultur BAK: Sitemapping/Mediaprojects: Software development (2005) Their work have been exhibited or shown as live performances in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, China, England, Italy, Belgium, USA, Canada, Egypt and Spain.

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