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Roman Keller

THE ROCKET FOR THE REST OF US, 2007/8, an installation of a solar power rocket laboratory. "Behind the decision to push a technical development as artists in the «artists in lab» fellowship was the expectation to win the researchers over for a youth dream with their own methods and skills. With this work i want to recall on the pioneering spirit of sciences, the emotionality of discoveries, and underline the historical and symbolic context of research." Text section from the internal newspaper of the Paul Scherrer Institute.


Roman Keller was born in 1969 in Liestal, Switzerland and graduated as environmental scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He then trained as a photographer in Zurich, New York and Karlsruhe. Since 2002 he mostly works in cooperation with Christina Hemauer. His artistic work surrounds energy issues in a variety of ways - be it the search of a solar system, that was installed by Jimmy Carter on the roof of the White House in 1979, or a biogeological investigation of art spaces. In April 2006, Roman Keller and Christina Hemauer proclaimed a manifesto for an art after petroleum – the so called postpetrolism. Roman Keller lives and works in Zurich.

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