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Lucid Fields

Media Artworks by Swiss Artists-in-Labs

LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally Street, tel: (65) 6496 5000
26 July - 2 August, 11am to 8pm daily
Free admission


An exhibition of media art works selected from the Swiss Artists-In-Labs residency programme funded by the Ministry of Culture in Switzerland. Seven media artists re-interpret and question research about Artificial Intelligence, engineering, environmental science, human disease and biotechnology. Lucid Fields is about the hidden and factual fields: a ‘reality jam’ that exists in science today between ‘truths’ rather than between fictions. Through media art interpretation the artists question how empirical knowledge is situated and highlight the discourses surrounding "truth" in relation to technical progress in our information society. These artists use technology as a method to explore the potential for communication and combine art with scientific research in a clear way for the viewer, raising awareness of issues crucial to the future of society such as machine/human extensions, surveillance, control, energy, relativity, human eye disease and genetically modified agriculture. Lucid Fields accentuates the role of place, community and culture in relation to scientific ‘facts’.

Curated by Irene Hediger, a curator who is currently Co-Director of the Swiss artists-in-labs programme at the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, University of the Arts, Zurich.

Kubic's Cube (2005) | Pablo Ventura
untitled_sound_objects (2007) | Pe Lang and Zimoun
Where in the world am I? (2005) | Dominik Bastianello
Regrowing Eden (2007/2008) | Hina Strüver and Matthias Wüthrich
Art exists on Hope (2007) | Roman Keller
Airport Transit Condition (2006) | Monika Codourey
The Electric Retina (2008) | Jill Scott


Regrowing Eden by Hina Strüver and Matthias Wüthrich
30 July at 5pm, 1 August at 7:30pm

untitled_sound_objects by Pe Lang and Zimoun
1 August at 7pm (Opening hours extended)

Kubic's Cube by Pablo Ventura
1 August at 7pm

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