Symposium Themes

Border Transmissions

The 'borderless world' and the 'global village' are different imaginaries of a world seemingly transformed by the speed and efficiency of information, communication and experiential technologies - of a world where the political borders of nation states were considered to be either irrelevant or difficult to sustain.

The age that announced the 'borderless world' is, however, ironically also the one that has displayed the greatest anxiety about this breakdown and invested the largest amount of resources and time in the increasing surveillance and control of these borders. While these borders historically have been permeable to certain kinds of economic, socio-cultural, political and military transactions (i.e., trade, cultural objects and experiences, religious missions, etc.), the development of technologies that facilitated greater communication and transportation across them has only increased the anxiety to control these transactions. The contestation over these borders and of the transmissions across them continues to be a struggle as much determined by technological developments as it is by the politics, cultures and socio-economic systems that mediate within and between these borders. The question of how one negotiates technological developments that simultaneously contribute to the increasing opening and ossification of borders is of utmost significance and in this theme, we invite artistic and scholarly work that engages this question.

We seek to showcase research and creative interventions that deal with the strategic and tactical possibilities of networking, communication and experiential technologies in ways that enable the emergence of different conceptions of borders, nation-states and of the infectious transmissions that problematize these demarcations.

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