Symposium Themes

Wiki Wiki

It is interesting that the Hawaiian word, 'wiki wiki', meaning "quick" has become co-opted to label the revolutionary systems and practices that support the easy and speedy tele-collaborative authoring of knowledge online - i.e., wiki.

Wiki is an extremely easy-to-use authoring system for online content that cannibalizes on the HTML protocols with additional facilities to monitor all the changes being made, revert to content prior to editing as well as a space to discuss the evolving content. The fact that users are able to access the pages and change content without any restrictions, defies the development of a notion of single authorship and thus also the possibility of authorial responsibility for such content.

The relative ease in developing online content with a community of 'at a distance' presents wiki as a model tool for tele-collaborative production. Wiki is yet another example of how technologies are changing the ways in which creative knowledge production is being transformed by enabling collaboration between diverse individuals. In this theme, we seek to initiate discussion, deliberation and development in collaborative creation using new technologies. How have new and old technologies contributed to the development of collaborative making? What are some of the issues raised by collaborative creation; for example, authorship, artistic responsibility, claims to intellectual property, conflicts and confluences of disciplinary knowledge and practices, etc. What are the spaces of such collaborative work - what are the transitional spaces between the artists' studios and scientific labs?

We invite artistic and academic work that addresses and/or exemplifies the problems and possibilities of collaborative creative work that are enabled by technologies. Works that are created by collaborations between diverse and geographically diverse communities are especially encouraged.

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